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Warmshell - Wall Insulation

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Warmshell Breathable Wall Insulation

Warmshell is a wall insulation system using insulating wall board made from natural Woodfibre and a lime-based render. Once in place, it provides an effective and simple way to increase insulation values for a wide range of properties - keeping walls warm, dry and weather-proofed. Solid walled buildings benefit from using our Woodfibre boards these are vapour open just like our render, this helps to create a more comfortable and healthier living space within the property itself.

The Warmshell system can be incorporated into the design of new-builds to create a super-insulated building structure. Or it can be retro-fitted during building renovation and building refurbishment to the exterior of older properties that don't meet modern energy efficiency standards.

With Warmshell  wall insulation, the walls remain weatherproof and weather resistant but can still ‘breathe', as trapped moisture is able to escape.

Special additives in the lime-based render mix reduce the risk of cracking and algae growth, producing a durable, stable finish and vastly reducing the need for building maintenance and repair.

To make sure you get the most from your Warmshell wall insulation system, Lime Green offers an in-depth technical support service that covers all aspects of your build, from pre-planning right through to completion.

Prior to the start of building, Lime Green will evaluate your project to make sure that all design and build requirements are in place for the Warmshell system.

For product comparison, and any necessary sign-off by local authorities, samples of all relevant materials can be provided, together with sample drawings for architects, planners and building control, tradespeople and other construction professionals. Lime Green also supplies thermal calculations and a condensation risk analysis to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, together with costings for the project.