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Quicklime is ideal for land stabilisation projects, slaking to make lime putty and making hot mix lime mortars.
Hot-mixed lime mortars are prepared by adding specific measures of quicklime to aggregate and water and mixing together to form a mortar. The quicklime reacts with water generating heat, and simultaneously binds together with the sand or aggregate to produce a mortar. This mortar is ‘hot’, from the reaction, and can be used while still warm (for certain works) or stored (‘banked’) for later use. This differs from other methods of preparing lime mortars where slaked lime (lime that has already reacted with water to form a putty or a dry hydrate powder) is added to aggregate to form a mortar. Hot-mixed lime mortars have some different properties to mortars prepared from mature lime putty or bagged dry hydrate powdered lime due to the effect of the heat of the reaction, and the high alkalinity of the lime, on the aggregates and other components in the mix.

It's chemical formula is CaO (Calium Oxide) - a very caustic substance. Quicklime is exothermic, meaning it creates heat when exposed to water.

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Granulime 1 ton
Granulime is the ideal product for dealing with very wet material. Due to its low fines content its the product of choice where dust may be a concern.
Very fine consistency - ​Ideal for hot mix lime mortar. Available in 25kg bags for convenience