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Lime Putty and products

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Lime Putty & Products - London Lime

Lime Fine Finish 25kg x 10
well matured putty rich fine finish plaster - used as a final skim over lime plasters.
Singleton Birch Traditional Lime Putty  PALLET of 36 x 23kg tubs
Mature lime putty - Used for making lime mortar, lime plaster, finish plaster & limewash. Made from pure British chalk & matured for a minimum of 3 months.
Traditional ready mixed Haired Lime Putty Mortar (1 Ton IBC)
Ready Mixed Haired Lime Mortar/Plaster Made From Lime Putty.
Traditional ready mixed Lime Mortar 25kg bag x 20
Ideal for pointing, plastering and straw bale building.
Traditional ready mixed Lime Putty Mortar (1 Ton IBC)
Ready Mixed Lime Mortar Made From Lime Putty.
Tuck Pointer
Tuck pointer for lime mortar pointing