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Hemp Lime plaster

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Hemp Lime Plaster - London Lime

Hempcrete provides carbon neutral, low energy, highly insulated structures and is suitable for both new build or refurbishment.
The process of turning hemp into houses is not at all complex. Hempcrete is simply hemp shiv combined with natural lime and water as binding agents. Hempcrete buildings have many good properties; low embodied energy - low energy used in production HemShiv for Hempcrete, high embodied carbon - Large amounts of carbon locked up in Hempcrete buildings, very good thermal insulation properties,good noise insulation properties, breathes, helps to prevent condensation, non-flammable and Self draining, resistant to rodents, insects, fungi and bacteria. They are also flexible and crack resistant, visually attractive - any shape can be constructed with Hempcrete, light weight. They also Improve with age, recyclable, sustainable - Hemp is grown every year.