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Beeck Mineral paints

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Beeck Mineral Paints - London Lime

BEECK Mineral Paints have been around for more than 100 years, they are technically superb coatings in terms of durability, your health, the environment, and building protection, they are not ‘Paints’ in the modern context and as a true mineral paint are only suited to a render that has not yet been painted.

They are mineral based coatings formulated with a binder of potassium silicate (waterglass), with inorganic, alkaline-resistant pigments. They are fully inorganic (containing no organic solvents), non- offgassing, also being alkaline they inhibit microbiotic growth. Mineral paints offer superior quality to conventional masonry paint as they petrify; binding to any silicates within the substrate, forming a micro-crystalline structure which provides a truly breathable finish. In essence they are more a stain, that is chemically bonded to the substrate forming strong silica bonds in a process known as silicification, unlike conventional masonry paints which form a film on the surface of the wall.
The complete system is based on a four-coat application. View our System Application Guide for more information.