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Welcome to London Lime

London's leading supplier of lime for building, conservation & renovation. We stock an extensive range of lime products, including natural hydraulic lime, lime mortar, lime putty, lime plaster/render and much more.

We also stock an extensive range of natural paints, as well as natural insulation - All of which are breathable.
All of our lime products are from the best known brands, including Singleton Birch, Saint Astier & Lime Green; and are perfect for renovating and conserving old, listed buildings, at a price you can't miss!

Why use lime?

Lime mortar is vapour permeable (breathable). Using a breathable mortar is essential in the control of condensation. Allowing the walls to breathe prevents damp, rot and damage, creating a much better living environment - this also helps in consuming less energy in heating. If a room is damp, a lot of the heating will go in drying out the damp before heating the room. Allowing the room to breathe is important because moisture - effectively water - is the enemy of natural materials like stone, timber and iron. Lime should be the first choice option when looking to ensure a building retains its structural integrity and stays protected for many years to come.